Stockholm for Foodies

Looking for a coffee shop for breakfast or Fika time?

I’m sure you’re wondering wtf does Fika mean? Fika can be understood as a “coffee break” but it’s much more than that. Fika is a true RITUAL for swedish people, it’s important for them to have a coffee break to relax and socialize with friends, colleagues or family. It’s also a good excuse to eat something good and to fight cold winter because believe me, it can be veryyyyy cold outside in Stockholm.

You know what? I have the perfect breakfast or Fika spot to share with you and it’s called “Fabrique”. This spot is a mix between a coffee and a true bakery where you can eat deliciouuus food (of course). One of the main Swedish delicacy that you absolutely HAVE TO try in stockholm is the cinnamon bun aka cinnamon roll aka kanelbullar. Guess what? Fabrique shop is making ridiculous cinnamon bun (picture below). It was perfection, I never ate a better cinnamon bun: warm, soft, full of flavors… I’m currently drooling. The shop is also making cardamom bun which is the same except for the cinnamon. It was also really good and different but if I had to pick one it would be the cinnamon for sure.

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  • Address: Rosenlundsgatan 28, 118 53 Stockholm (others spots around the city)
  • Opening hours: 7.00am – 6.00 pm (8.00am – 4.00pm on weekends)
  • Price of my cinnamon bun: 3€

Nordic cuisine = salmon = I have what you need.

You are in Stockholm and you want to eat salmon. Sounds legit to me and I had the same feeling when I was in Stockholm. I found a pretty authentic and nice spot where locals like to eat. It’s a kind of covered food market with various restaurants serving you food from all over the world (kebab, pizza, swedish delicacy etc). On the picture below, one of the several food shop of the food hall.


So, like I said, if you want to eat amazing salmon go to Melanders Fisk. In here, you can seat at the counter and order your seafood, it looks like a fishmarket. On the picture below, I had a cured salmon with dill, potato and bread… IT WAS SO PURE. The salmon tastes so fresh and it literally melted in my mouth. Don’t hesitate one second to try this place that will make you happy.

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Melanders Fisk:

  • Address: Hötorgshallen, 111 57 Stockholm
  • Opening hours: 10.00am – 6.00 pm (approximatively)
  • Price of the salmon dish: Don’t remember but approximatively 15€ (worh it)

A bit of swedish street food maybe?

Nothing better than having some streetfoods to get a real taste of a new culture. In Stockholm, I’ve been to Östermalms Korvspecialist which is a old family business food “container”. They are serving deliciouuus sausages and I had a kabanoss that consists in spicy sausage filled into a baguette type of bread with pickled cabbage and mustard: it was ridiculously good (picture below).

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Östermalms Korvspecialist 📍Stockholm – Sweden

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Östermalms Korvspecialist:

  • Address: Nybrogatan 57, 114 40 Stockholm
  • Opening hours: 11.00 am – 9.00 pm (11.00 am – 6.00 pm on weekends).
  • Price of the hot-dog: 4€


Don’t forget: Bon appétit.

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