Pragues for Foodies

Ahoj everyone, let’s start our Czech journey

Our first stop is called “Lahudky Zlaty Kriz”, you can find here some Obložené chlebíčky which is a Czech delicacy that can be describe as an open face sandwich (picture below). There are a lot of different variations of this delicious snack, so there is no chance that you won’t find something you like. There are a lot of different spots to eat chlebíčky  around the city. These shops are truly authentic with a true czech atmosphere, in there you would find old locals grandmothers, local businessmen or tourists.

I had two chlebíčky: one with cream cheese, salmon, eggs, vegetables and one with cheese, cucumber, ham and mayo. It was deliciouuus and it’s the perfect Czech on the go while you are visiting this beautiful city.

Lahudky Zlaty:

  • Address: Ungmannova 750/34, 110 00 Praha
  • Opening hours: 6.30 am – 7.00 am (9.00 am – 3.00 pm on saturday and closed sunday)
  • Price of one chlebicky: 1€

A GENUINE czech restaurant with great food/drink/atmosphere

Ok, if you need only one place, one restaurant to eat amazingly good local food with great beers for a ridiculous price, I have something for you. This place is called “lokal”, as its name suggests, it’s a great place to try various Czech delicacy. The atmosphere and waiters are pretty awesome and friendly.

As a starter, I ordered a smazeny syr which is a fried piece of cheese served with a tartar sauce on the side. It was really goood (and faaat), the cheese was creamy as hell and it was a perfect match with the beer (picture below).

Then, as a main dish, I ordered a beef goulash with bread dumplings. It was so good, the perfect dish to fight the cold czech winter or to fill your stomach with delicious local food (picture below). After this, I was so freaking full but happy.

Lokál Hamburk:

  • Address: Sokolovská 55, 186 00 Praha
  • Opening hours: 11.00 am – 0.00 am (12.00 pm – 1.00 am friday/saturday, till 11.00pm on sunday).
  • Price of both dish + one beer: around 10€ (HELL, YEAH)


Don’t forget: Bon appétit.

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